ASIC MoneySmart: Principals Project

APPA:ASIC partnership to build financial capability of primary school students and their wider school communities


APPA will promote ASIC’s MoneySmart Teaching Program to build the confidence and capabilities of primary school teachers to deliver financial literacy education in the classroom.

The program provides relevant professional learning aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and classroom resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum and the National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework. It is the only national financial literacy program for schools that is supported and endorsed by state and territory education departments.


Financial health is essential to personal wellbeing. We recognise the impact principals have on all aspects of young Australians’ development as well as the development of their teachers.

We want to work together to increase the financial literacy and capability of students, teachers and their wider communities.

Why primary schools?

Research tells us:

  • by the age of 7, children have grasped concepts such as how to recognise the value of money
  • children are never too young to learn about money and financial literacy
  • 70% of primary school teachers are women, and
  • women typically retire with lower super balances than men but live longer and are generally less confident when it comes to managing money.


Over the next 3 years APPA, with its state and territory principal associations, will work with ASIC to develop and implement a plan for:

  1. Ongoing collaboration and support across Government, Catholic and Independent schools to promote ‘buy in’ and commitment to build financial capability at all levels;
  2. A cross-sector communication strategy to target schools and school principals;
  3. School-based innovative learning projects that will build the capability of their teachers, students and/or school communities in financial literacy.

Documentation for Grant applications:

Application Form for Principals Projects 2019 pdf

Application Form for Principals Projects 2019 Word

Link to Current Grant Opportunity: GrantConnect