Leading Your School

Next Generation Principal is an exciting new program offered by APPA aimed at developing leaders for the challenges of school principalship into the future. 

Targeted at meeting the needs of aspiring principals who are currently in senior leadership positions within their school and those new to the principal position, the APPA School Leadership Program: Next Generation Principal will equip participants with the specific knowledge and key competencies required to manage the changing education landscape.

The program is undertaken with the guidance of experienced primary principals, colleagues in the program and the support of principals’ associations.With their help, participants in the program will complete a leadership profile and professional learning plan, participate in a two-day Residential Course, and conduct a landscape survey for curriculum and innovation, among other activities. By the end of the course, aspiring school leaders will have developed valuable skills for the future in leadership, management, and innovation.

The invitation letter and application form have gone out through state and territory principals associations, and principals are encouraged to bring to the attention of our ‘best and brightest’!