Position Papers

Year 1 Literacy and Numeracy Check

14 December 2017

Please find attached APPA's Position Paper in response to the Government's document 'Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes.'


The Top Ten Essential Elements of Initial Teacher Education Courses

18 November 2015

APPA has developed the Teacher Education: Essential Elements document. This document states clearly the expectations principals have for teacher education courses.


The overcrowded primary curriculum: a way forward

11th December 2014

APPA believes that the development and implementation of the Australian Curriculum has led to substantial overcrowding in the curriculum for primary schools. This paper addresses three questions: to what extent is the curriculum overcrowded; why did the overcrowding occur; and, what should be done to reduce overcrowding.


School autonomy

15th September 2011

School Autonomy is broadly defined as the authority of school communities to improve student learning outcomes through a formal governance structure which allows local decision-making in the allocation of human and physical resources, curriculum implementation and collaboration with other schools.


The publication of nationally comparable school performance information

7th May 2009

APPA strongly supports the principle of transparency. It therefore in principle supports the work of governments to make Australian education a more transparent enterprise. However, there are clearly dangers from using the NAPLAN assessments for purposes for which they are not suited. Over-reliance on NAPLAN scores as the single source of evidence regarding school and system performance will almost certainly have unintended, negative consequences. Primary schools are particularly vulnerable. APPA seeks to work with governments to ensure that the national transparency agenda serves the interests of Australian primary schools.

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Developing advice to the National Curriculum Board

26th September 2008

Australia is now developing a national curriculum. The Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA) supports this initiative of the Australian Government and has prepared this advice for the National Curriculum Board (NCB) to help ensure that the national curriculum supports primary schools in delivering the best education possible to all young Australians.


APPA's expectation of the National Curriculum

26th September 2008

The Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA) wishes to provide the National Curriculum Board with a clear statement of its views about the national curriculum. This paper concerns the development process, the products to be developed and issues concerning implementation of the national curriculum which should be taken into account during development.


Current educational issues at the national level

1st June 2008

This is the first time APPA has developed a comprehensive position paper to address current educational issues at the national level. The paper is based on the findings of our research project "In The Balance: The future of Australia’s primary schools", and "The Charter on Primary Schooling".