Principal Health and Wellbeing

There is growing concern about the wellbeing of Australia’s primary school principals. In response to this, the Australian Primary Principals Association has conducted a national survey to investigate the relationship between policy, practice, and principal health.

The results of this survey were collated into a report, called Back to Balance: How Policy and Practice Can Make Primary Principals Highly Effective. It is a significant insight into the problems facing Australian principals, and the policy and practice resources that could improve this situation. The report can be found here, as well as a shorter preliminary report. We have also posted an infographic video on our YouTube account, accessible here.

At the 2017 APPA Conference, a Forum was held to discuss the outcomes of the survey and to draft a National Statement on Principal Health and Wellbeing. This statement can also be found here.

APPA would like to thank the project leader, Norm Hart, for his hard work on this survey and dedication to the broader issue of principal health and well-being. We would also like to thank Dr Philip Riley for his support and guidance. Finally, the design and publication of this Report would not have been possible without the expertise of Camp Australia. We thank Camp Australia for their contribution.