A note from the APPA president to all Primary school Principals

This brief note is primarily intended to be one of recognition and praise for your leadership, in all its forms. Education in Australia, despite some of the commentary, is recognised, around the world, as being of the highest calibre. A socially, culturally and geographically diverse nation such as ours is complex. It is you, our educational leaders, to whom our nation has turned in this crisis – not with any question about your capability to lead in these circumstances , but with a deeply held confidence that all will be done to sustain learning and safety for our children and grandchildren.

Please be assured that APPA and your sectoral associations IPSHA, ACPPA and AGPPA are working assiduously with the federal government, Commonwealth Department of Education; jurisdictional agencies, offices and Boards as appropriate. We are taking your wonderful work to the media.

On behalf of APPA I extend my warmest regards to you all and assure you of our ongoing commitment and support in whatever ways we are able to assist.

We can all look forward to better times ahead.

Malcolm Elliott


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  1. Kylie Seaman

    Fabulous interview on ABC news tonight. Summed up the issues concerns and pressures on teachers perfectly. Thank you.

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