Principal’s Health and Wellbeing

I strongly encourage school leaders to complete the Principals Health & Wellbeing survey. The survey is being conducted in response to concerns that the increasing complexity and workload demands of school leadership roles are impacting on the health and wellbeing of Australian school leaders.

The key points for this year’s survey include:

  • Identify combinations of people and environments (called “person-environment fit”) that make for thriving principals (not just surviving), in different contexts (state, school type, school size, location (urban, suburban, large towns, rural, remote), principal type (teaching vs administrative).
  • Identify essential elements of principal preparation programs (prior professional experiences predict thriving leaders) and feed this information to institutions involved in delivery (e.g. principal organisations, unis, AITSL, other providers).
  • Identify support mechanisms that help principals cope with the stressors of the job, and suggest improvements to existing mechanisms (e.g. local/regional networking groups).
  • Provide advice to training program providers for school council or board members with respect to effective governance, to help them see their key role in principal support. (Phil Reilly has a doctoral student who is about to undertake this research full-time, with the aim of producing materials that can be widely disseminated to school councils or boards.)

The survey will remain open until the end of September 2015 and can be accessed here. For further information please visit the Principals Health & Wellbeing website.

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