Two recent Board appointments at ACARA and AITSL highlight the significant place of APPA at a national level.

APPA Life Member and previous APPA President, Norm Hart, was recently appointed to the ACARA Board as Deputy Chair. Norm was QASSP and AGPPA president before leading APPA for four years up until 2014. He will no doubt will bring an experienced ‘primary’ perspective to board discussions.
In other ‘appointment’ news, Mark Mowbray, also an APPA Life Member, has joined the AITSL Board. From the mid-north coast of NSW, Mark joined the APPA National Advisory Council in 2012 before becoming ACPPA President. No longer in these roles, Mark is principal of St Joseph’s Primary School Taree and, again, brings the practical insights of primary education to his board role at AITSL.
We wish both Norm and Mark well in these national school education bodies.

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